SERIE 20&20

New ways to get better results

In 2008 Néstor Crespo begins to make workbooks for his students in his private classes with a concrete and practical way of studying, without an overabundance of text and excellent graphics, to allow the student an optimal approach to different musical aspects for their development.

In this way the 20&20 Series was born.

Now, his books are studied all over the world by self-taught students or professors for their own teaching, and they are also study material in public and private institutions.

Years later, Crespo decides to invite other excellent professors to join in this pedagogic endeavor.

Serie 20&20 is divided into:

    20 lessons and 20 exercises with audio and practice exercises
    A complete development of the workbook exercises, they may be for a particular instrument.

These books can be downloaded for a free or at a very low cost in PDF format.

We invite you to browse our website and be a part of our journey.

       Nestor Crespo