Nestor Crespo

(Teacher- Guitar Player – Composer - Arranger)

Founder and Director (2008) of the Digital Music Publisher: Series 20&20".

Professor & Founder (1986) of the Avellaneda School of Popular Music (EMPA). Cathedra: Jazz Guitar Teacher.

Professor of the virtual professorship Functional Harmony 1 & 2 from the UNA’s (Nacional University of Art) Departamento de Artes Musicales y Sonoras (Damus) , position held today

In the early 90s, he created the musical group: El Tranvía Tango with which he recorded 9 CDs in Argentina and Europe, and continuously performed more than 25 European tours with an average of 80 annual concerts, playing in the most important concert halls, cultural centers, theaters, etc.

Received important awards both in Argentina and abroad: ACE Award (Entertainment Writters Association) as Best Tango Group, Tango Future Award given by Deutsch Akademie der Tango (Stuttgart, Germany). CD Ocre Buenos Aires", receives an award for Best CD granted by the famous magazine Gränsen (Stockholm, Sweden), etc.

Also served as arranger and musical director of the Tango singer Omar Mollo, and guitarist of the singer and bandoneonist Rubén Juárez.