GUITAR / Diatonic Major Scale


GUITAR / Diatonic Major Scale (Routine Practice & Exercises of Improvisation)

Practical and dynamic work methodology for the self-taught student as well as for the teacher in class

Complete development of Exercise 1 of the book: Scales and Arpeggios. (Author: Nestor Crespo)

You are buying (PDF 35 pages + 60,9 MB) which contains:


It also includes 10 Backing Tracks corresponding to the exercise in a modal playing as well as, different progressions which will be very useful to practice and affirm this concept.

   * 6 Modal backing tracks in Cmaj7 & Gmaj7 (with strings and different musical styles)

   * 2  Modal Backing Tracks (with chord progressions)

  * 2 Backing Tracks with Cycle of 5th  (in different musical styles)

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