THEORY/ Superimposition of Triads 1


THEORY/ Superimposition of Triads 1 (For all instruments)


You are buying (PDF whit 78 pages – 317 MB) which contains:

*  20 lessons & 20 exercises 

*  131 Audios & Backing Tracks (which will facilitate the study and development of our harmonic ear)

*  8 Assignments
(with 8 Backings tracks in real situations to apply the studied)

*  Solutions of the 8 assignments.

*  Fields to Complete (Contains fields to write the answers without having to print them in paper)

*  Printable Workbook (without watermark)


The book has 20 lessons with all the details of the superimposition of the triads and also 20 exercises as well as 10 assignments witch added to the exercises, will allow the study and training in the superimposition of triads.

The information is organized according to the functional harmony in the major mode as well as in the minor mode, including: diatonic substitutions, secondary dominants, dominants substitutes, II relative minor , etc.

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