THEORY/ Superimposition of Triads 1


THEORY/ Superimposition of Triads 1 (For all instruments)

Practical and dynamic work methodology for the self-taught student as well as for the teacher in class

You are buying (PDF with 112 pages – 528 MB)  which contains:

* 20 Lessons & 20 Exercises

* 8 Exercises with Circle of Fifths

* 4 Songs (Jazz Standards – Major and Minor Blues with backings tracks)

* 232 Audios & Backing Tracks (Essential complement for the complete study of this Ebook)

* Printable Book (Without Watermark)


The book of Theory / Superposition of Triads 1, for all instrumentalists, includes the following triads: Major, Minor, Diminished and Augmented. My idea is to generate a form of musical thinking from use and overlap of triads, either from the formation of the seventh chord to the application of tensions.

From a simple unit such as the triad we will be able to easily handle different harmonic textures, for example, by superimposing the triad of Em on Cmaj7 we generate: 3, 5 and 7 of the chord, instead if we superimpose the triad of D Mayor we will be generating: 9, #11 and 6.

In the future, the management of this concept will allow us not only to use the different triads when improvising but also to think of other harmonies which will be superimposed on the original ones to be used in the form of chords 


The book has 20 lessons with all the details of the application of the triads and 20 exercises which include different specific harmonic progressions to apply the different overlays. It also contains the superposition of the different triads on Circle of 5th (8 chord species) and Standards, Major & Minor Blues.

The information is organized according to the functional harmony both in the major mode and in the minor mode, including: diatonic substitutions, secondary dominant, substitutes, second relative minor, etc.

The Synthesis tables and summaries do not give the possibility of having all the information organized for quick and easy permanent consultation.

In the book the triads are presented in a closed position which does not prevent anyone who wishes to investigate them in an open position (Néstor Crespo Spread Triads 1 and 2 –

AUDIOS (232 Audios & Backing Tracks)

In order to appreciate the sound generated by the superimposition of triads, listening to the audios included in each of the lessons is essential.

This Book  also includes the audios corresponding to the exercises in a modal way, the harmonic progressions, Jazz Standard and  Major & Minor Blues.

In the exercises it is convenient to first play each of the triads (in fundamental state and their investments) in the form of a chord devoid of any rhythm in order to concentrate solely on the generated sound, once this stage is over we can apply the same triads in a melodic way.

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