GUITAR/ Superimposition of Triads (Melodic Practice Routine)


GUITAR/ Superimposition of Triads (Melodic Practice Routine)

Practical and dynamic work methodology for the self-taught student as well as for the teacher in class

You are buying (PDF 264 pages – 199 MB) Superimposition of  Melodic Triads  (Practice Routine) which contains:

*  7 Fingering major – minor – diminished – augmented triads (by position and across the neck)

*  30 Harmonic Progressions in Major Mode & Minor Mode

*  37 Assignments (Circle of Fifths in eight different types of seventh chords, Jazz Standards, Major and Minor Blues)

*  36 Backing tracks.

*  Printable Book (Without Watermark)


This book of triads applied to the guitar is the second technical complement of the Workbook: Superposition of Triads – Volume I

We will use four types of triads: Major – Minor – Diminished and Augmented, both in seven different shapes.

As well as an appendix that includes fingerings of triads sus2 – sus4 – Phrygian and Lydian.

Going through the different exercises, progressions and assignments the student will achieve a conscious and dynamic of the different shapes or fingerings.


They are organized starting from the study of the shapes of each type of triad, before cited.

The book has more than 30 progressions including the major and minor mode as well as eight species of chords organized on the cycle of fifths.

Assignments include jazz standards, Blues Major and Minor.


The progressions of triads, in both the major and the minor mode, will affirm the technical management of the same within a musical context.

While in the repertoire the training is focused on the concept of superposition of triads.


The practical works also include 36 practice tracks (Cycle of 5ths. and repertoire), this being an essential complement both for the self-taught student as well as for the teacher in class.

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