GUITAR / Sight Reading for Guitar 1


GUITAR / Sight Reading for Guitar 1

Practical and dynamic work methodology for the self-taught student as well as for the teacher in class


You are buying PDF (89 Pages- 251 MB) which contains:

* 174 Tracks Practice / Audios (Essential complement for the complete study of this Ebook)

* 10 Assignments (Duets for two guitars and original songs with strings)

* Exercises Solutions

* Printable book (Without watermark)


With the present volume through a practical and dynamic methodology, you will learn to locate and know the notes throughout the instrument based on five shapes of the C major scale, regardless of alterations (sharp and flats)

Although the tablature may seem a relatively easy way to read a score, it presents as one of its limitations non-communication with other instrumentalists (pianists, trumpeters, etc.) who read through conventional musical notation.

The purpose is to encourage you to learn and read in a short period of time and consequently to write in a precise language.

We will use the following musical figures: whole note, half note, quarter note eighth notes, sixteenth notes, triplets of eighth notes, their respective rests and tie of duration and dot.

This workbook uses the compass division 4/4 and 3/4 to develop the agenda.

We will also tackle a varied range of exercises, rhythmic dictations, duets, reading of two and three strings, fields to complete, among others.

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