Repertoire & Guide of Improvisation 1 (F instruments)


Practical and dynamic work methodology for the self-taught student
as well as for the teacher in class


You are buying (PDF of 53 pages – 392MB) which includes:

* 10 Jazz Standard (See index in images)

* 5 sheet music for each song (Melody, Harmonic Analysis, Sevenths Arpeggio, Superposition of Sevenths Arpeggio & Scale)

* 60 Backing Tracks (Complement necessary for the complete study of the Book)

* Printable book (without watermark)


With the present volume through a practical and dynamic methodology, about the gradual management of the necessary tools for improvisation of the works that are addressed.

The choice of works Jazz Standards have been ordered according to the degree of complexity in order for the student to achieve identification and recognition thereof.


Each songs contains in PDF format, the following study structure:

* Melody & Chords Symbols

Harmonic Analysis (secondary dominants & substitute, II relative minor, modal interchange chords, etc…)

* Seventh Arpeggios (notes that make up the arpeggios according to the structure of the chords)

* Superposition of Seventh Arpeggios (achieving, according to its harmonic function, the use of: 9- b9 – 9+ – #11, 13, etc…)

* Scales (that carry according to the harmonic function they fulfill)


The Backing tracks have been made for the student to easily achieve sound incorporation regardless of the instrument you play.

Each song contains 5 audios in MP3, with the following structure:

* Full audio with melody (melody, piano, bass and drums)

* Full audio without melody (piano, bass and drums)

* Audio without Piano (melody, bass, drums)

* Audio without Bass (melody, piano, drums)

* Audio without Drums (melody, piano, bass)

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